Truck & Fleet Power Washing

Fleet Care Excellence

Your truck fleet is one of your largest investments and Buckeye Mobile’s Truck and Fleet washing is here to help you protect it. Our fleet program is focused on making your fleet care quick and convenient for you!


  • Tractors & Trailers
  • Tractor Sleepers
  • Tractor Day Cabs
  • Trailers Only
  • Trucks
  • Trailer Wash-Out
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • And Much More


  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Rust Prevention
  • Improved Safety
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance
  • Regulatory Compliance


Preserve your trucks’ appearance with our efficient and hassle-free services. Our team understands the importance of keeping a clean fleet. With our state-of-the-art pressure washers we guarantee that your trucks will always look their best.

Driving down the highway, your fleet of trucks will shine like new. Our efficient washing process removes dirt, grime, and salt.

At Buckeye Mobile’s Truck and Fleet Washing, we take pride in providing great value to our customers. We know that a clean fleet boosts your company’s image. It also helps your business succeed. That’s why we offer competitive prices. And we never compromise on the quality of our services.

Our goal is to keep you looking your best on the road. We’re committed to delivering the best wash around. And we’ll ensure that your trucks stand out among the rest. Trust us as your fleet power washing company. We will keep your trucks looking pristine, allowing you to focus on what matters most: running your business. Think of us as your fleet’s professional cleaning service.

Pressure washing the dirt and salt off of the tires of a semi-truck.
trailer power washed

Protection Against the Elements

Guard against dirt, grime, and salt to prevent maintenance issues and rust. Ensure longevity and optimal performance for your valuable fleet. We understand the importance of protecting your fleet from the harsh elements.

But our comprehensive fleet care program goes beyond washing away dirt and grime. We provide strong defense against the elements. This keeps your valuable assets in good shape for years.

Dirt, grime, and salt are unsightly. But they can also lead to serious maintenance issues if left unchecked. Dirt and grime can build up. They can clog air filters, leading to worse engine performance and higher fuel use. Additionally, salt can corrode metal surfaces, leading to rust and structural damage. We guard against these elements in our careful washing process. This helps you avoid costly repairs and keep your fleet at its best.

Our special cleaning agents will remove dirt, grime, and salt from every part of your trucks. We ensure that even the hard-to-reach areas are well cleaned and protected. Our experienced professionals take pride in their work. And we’ll deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Don’t let the elements take a toll on your fleet’s appearance and performance. Experience the difference our comprehensive fleet care program can make. Contact us today to schedule a wash and give your fleet the protection it deserves.

Buckeye mobile truck & fleet washing washing a semi trailer.
Cleaning the front tire of a semi.
Cleaning the front tire of a semi.
Power washing the rear doors on a semi trailer.

Our goal is to provide great value with our competitive pricing and the best wash on the highway. Let us keep you looking your best on the road. Count on Buckeye Mobile Power Wash to protect your fleet with our truck power washing. We’ll keep your entire fleet in prime condition. We’re dedicated to providing excellence in fleet care.

Ensuring your trucks look and perform their best is our goal.

Customer Reviews

They did an awesome job on a pair of trailers this morning!

Miller Livestock Transport

They washed exterior & interior of our cattle trailer-Fantastic job!

Marla H.

Contact us today for a superior fleet care experience!