It’s Time to Think About Spring!


6 ways to get your home ready for warmer weather.

Spring is right around the corner. While that statement may seem optimistic as you stare out your windows and the wet freeze of winter, there’s only a couple months left before we’re outside grilling and sitting on the porch. Winter has a bad habit of heavier wear and tear on your house than other seasons and the effects can put a real damper on your outside enjoyment. We’ve put together a quick list of things that you can do in anticipation of warmer weather.


This is the big one. As leaves fall and the weather turns wet, your gutters can take a real beating. To keep your gutters working properly, get yourself a ladder and clear out all the debris that’s blocking the water flow. Once you’ve removed everything from the gutter, run a water hose to make sure everything is flowing as it should; all the water going to the downspout and running away from the house foundation.


Your heater has been running hard all winter, keeping your toes toasty and warm. As it runs, the system’s filter can get clogged up with dust that’s been circulating through the house for months. During the summer, this can cause your HVAC system to work twice as hard to keep you cool. Pull the filters out and clean or replace them as needed. Your lungs will thank you.


A break in the cold weather is the perfect time to get outside and trim back dead branches and overgrown shrubbery. While you’re out there, take a look around and find all the “unattractive” areas around your house that might be perfect spots for hanging plants or hedges. Spread mulch or bark in flowerbeds and around trees to keep the weeds away.

Vinyl Siding

One of the downsides to vinyl siding s that it tends to collect dirt, grime and mold. We’ve all driven past the house that started off white but has started to take on the mold green look. Don’t let this ruin your outside festivities by contacting a professional power wash company to clean this hazardous mold from your house.


At the same time, this game can stain your concrete or block walkways. I mean, who wants to walk on a grimy sidewalk, right? Salt and winter chemicals can cause long-term damage to your sidewalk. Again, contact a professional power washing company to keep your walks sparkly and new-looking.

Outdoor Furniture

While we’re at it, power washing is also a great way to revitalize your outdoor furniture that’s been collecting snow all winter. Many power washing companies have multiple spray heads that will ensure that the spray doesn’t damage your furniture. Not every company offers this option so make sure you choose someone who cares about your property as much as you do.

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