Why Power Wash Your Private Residence

If you wore the same clothes every day of your life, and never washed them, what would come of them? Ask yourself this question when considering whether or not to power wash your home. It, in its vinyl siding t-shirt and brick-and-mortar trousers, deserves to look and feel its best just as you do when you leave its walls each day.

When you’re about to host that huge summer gettogether, won’t you clean and press your nicest dress or dinner jacket? If there is a snag in your favorite blouse, won’t you fix the seam before it completely unravels in front of you? Beyond comfort and wellness, isn’t it benefit enough to save the new-blouse money in the long-term? Aren’t we all more inclined to engage with the well-kempt, professional-looking businessperson than the unwashed and unconfident one who’s not showered in days?

Your home is an extension of yourself, and it should be treated as such. Could you imagine that at that same summer gettogether, your guests will take note just as much of your home’s condition as they will your outfit’s? Power wash your home.

Beyond the benefit of presentability and cleanliness lies the necessary factor of maintenance and upkeep. Mold, mildew, algae, and the lot can cause considerable damage to the structure of your home if left untouched. As well, the presence of those growths can pose health risks to your family and other inhabitants of the home. Like that blouse snag, it reflects responsibility and reasonable forethought to tackle the problem before it becomes a problem. The money saved by eliminating the need to replace a beam or piece of siding, along with the preservation of property value, is certainly a favorable consequence.

Conversely, perhaps your home is going to stay as such for the foreseeable and distant future. While immediate or present property value may not be of the utmost concern, a resurface or a refinish may be. Power washing acts as a primer for outdoor surfaces. No one would consider putting makeup on a dirty face, or fresh polish on an already-colored fingernail. Likewise, no one should consider doing so to their home.

We should treat our homes with due respect. It is one of the greatest investments of our lives. As we care for ourselves, we need to maintain and protect the integrity of our private residences. Power washing is a valuable and essential part of that preservation process.